Fuschia Arabian Jasmine Anti aging night cream
The anti aging jasmine cream is a sure shot winner as a night cream as it nourishes and mosirturi Read More...

Sonali Patil Bangalore

Entire Fuschia Range
Thank you so much Vkare for these amazing products. I am very conscious while using any product b Read More...

Neha Chauhan Delhi

Great products
Your products are too good to be used. Have excellent results Read More...

Samiksha Jalandhar


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Adult Dual Bell Stainless Steel Stethoscope - Ultima 222
Dual diaphragm stethoscope for adult & paediatric patients. Solid stainless steel bell. Bo..
Adult Stainless Steel Stethoscope - Matte Black Edition
Matte black alloy finish stethoscope in stainless steel traditional chest piece. Elegant & sl..
Adult Stainless Steel Stethoscope - Ultima 111
ULTIMA 111 is an Adult Stethoscope with solid stainless steel chest piece. ULTIMA 111 is a slee..
Deluxe Stethoscope - Classic
Regular Entry Level Stethoscope (Deluxe Quality) The headset assembly is permanently set an an..
Pediatric Stainless Steel Stethoscope - Ultima PS
ULTIMA PS is a Pediatric Stethoscope with solid stainless steel pediatric chest piece. It is a sleek..
Rappaport Stethoscope- Gibson
Rappaport Stethoscope is lightweight in nature. It is an economical and inexpensive peadiatric sc..
Single head Premium Stethoscope - Matte Black Edition
Matte black alloy finish stethoscope in diaphragm-only chest piece. Elegant & sleek design. ..
Single Head Premium Stethoscope - V-Neuvo
V-Neuvo is a diaphragm-only stethoscope which is convenient to use & lightweight. Elegant ..
Stainless Steel Master Cardiology Stethoscope - V-Cardio
Description:  Ensure an accurate and outstanding performance with master cardiology steth..
VT-Teaching Stethoscope
Teaching stethoscope is ideal for teaching and training purposes as two people can simultaneously us..
Dual-Bell Stethoscope - Ultima Duo
ULTIMA DUO is a Dual-Head Stethoscope, a sleek looking stethoscope. Lightweight Dual-Head Ch..
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