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Lip Balms
I was lucky enough to get my hands on the entire collection of handmade lip balms. Needless to say I was sent these by the company as a sample pack. It came to me as a surprise to see the entire collection and in full sized packaging. These balms are absolutely amazing! Everything is perfect, the packaging, the smell, the texture and the way it applies and stays on the lips. Another huge bonus for me, since im a fan of organic cosmetics, that it's loaded with all the good oils and ingredients. I mean no petroleum base, no parabens, no harmful ingredients, what else would you want?! The deciding factor for me is the way the balm affects my lips. I use matt lipsticks often, hence my lips have to be perfectly moisturized, without any dry patches. These balms provide this heavenly feel along with a perfect texture once applied. It doesn't feel greasy or too oily, it gives a perfect clear shine even though the balms do have different colors.
• Kristina Si Shimla 2014-09-17 09:28:25 Average Rating:
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