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5 Layer Respirator Face Mask (KN95)

Vkare Open Patella Knee Brace - Neoprene

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Not all the ANGELS have wings, some have 'STETHOSCOPES'

Vkare Magnetic Posture Corrector Spine Brace - Neoprene - Blue

Vkare Magnetic Posture Correct Spine Brace is made of breathable neoprene and cotton blend. Fits comfortably under your clothes. Helps in support spine which helps in proper back posture. Gently re-align your shoulder and spine which helps in energizing your neck, shoulder. How to Wear: 1) Slide the strap around shoulder and Adjust position as needed. 2) Shoulder strap should pull back slightly on shoulder area. 3) Wrap the waist band around your torso. 4) Pull waist belt Down accordingly to increase the shoulder pressure 5) Adjust the strap under your arm to see your posture improve

Choose from vast collection of 'STETHOSCOPES'

VKARE Stethoscopes provide superior acoustics suitable for students, nurses, and physicians.