Back ache can develop gradually due to certain day to day activities at home or work that cause straining of nerves in the back. The possible actions could be –Improper sitting position cause incorrect spine posture -Awkward bending for prolonged time -Lifting or carrying of heavy objects -Slouching in chairs -Over stretching -Sitting in one position for long time -Repetitive Straining actions There are certain possibilities that multiply the chances of developing back ache. Some of those are listed here:- -If you are Overweight – The additional weight of your body puts additional pressure on your spine. You can find out your BMI to understand if you are overweight and take desired steps to reduce it. -If you are a chain-smoker– In this case back ache might result due to damage of tissues in the back caused by smoking. Sometimes tissue damages take place due to unhealthy life style accompanied by smoking -If you are pregnant –The extra weight of baby causes additional strain on the back which causes back ache. You can consult your doctor if you have severe back ache. -Bone weakening medication – Medication containing elements like corticosteroids, can cause the bones to weaken which eventually leads to back ache. Benefits of Proper posture: -It allows maintaining correct alignment between bones and so that muscles are being used properly. -Decreases uncertain wearing of joints.Reduces the stress on the ligaments and helps in holding the joints of the spine together. -Prevents the spine from becoming fixed in abnormal positions. -Helps to avoid fatigue because muscles are being utilized more efficiently.


Using Cervical Pillows is highly recommended to get rid of cervical pain naturally. Benefits of using Cervical Pillows are:– -Cervical Pillows provide stabilization and support to the spine. The regular pillows and mattresses tend to change shape corresponding to the body weight which might not necessarily provide a correct sleeping position. -Cervical Pillow helps to avoid twisting of spine and maintains the torque on the neck and back. -For those who sleep on stomach, this position of sleeping put high torque on the cervical spine. Cervical Pillows provide proper support, and when accompanied with body pillow it helps in comfortable transition for side sleeping. -Lack of cervical support may result in neck pain, muscle stiffness or shoulder pain. Using proper cervical pillows helps in maintaining proper blood circulation to arms and shoulders. You sleep quality is related to your neck to a great extent. Uncomfortable neck position will not allow you to have a good sleep. The uncomfortable neck positions eventually lead to pain in neck and if remain unchecked can lead to severe pain in neck. In such cases, cervical pillows are also used for reduction of neck pain. There are many types of cervical pillows and you can buy the cervical pillows as per your choice and comfort. The cervical pillows are designed with intent to provide comfortable healthy and natural position. Cervical pillow guarantee good sleeping quality and a visible improvement in neck pain.

Tunnel Syndrome is the numbness of the hand and arm which is result of pressed nerve. Let’s have a detailed discussion about the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: --Frequent burning sensation in palm of hand --Itching or numbness in the palm of the hand and the fingers --Swollen Fingers --Reduced grip strength, difficulty in grasping small objects or in doing daily tasks As many people tend to sleep with flexed wrists the symptoms are likely to be felt during night. Causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Oftener, The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome results due to a combination of factors that ultimately result in increase in pressure on themedian nerve. The contributing factors can be- --Injury to wrist that results in swelling --Sprain --Fracture --Overexertion of pituitary gland --Hypothyroidism --Rheumatoid arthritis --Stress --Movement problems in wrist joint --Use of vibrating hand tools --Fluid retention Treatment: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome should begin as soon as possible but strictly under a doctor’s direction.Initial treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome involves giving rest to the affected hand for a minimum time of 2 weeks. Avoiding resting may multiply the difficulties. Application of cooling pack is recommended in case of inflammation, as they help in reducing swelling. --Intake of anti-inflammatory medicines and pain reliever can help in reducing swelling. --Vitamin B6 (PYRIDOXINE) supplements are also helpful in controlling the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. --Regular exercise can help to relax the nerve. The exercises should be done under supervision of a physical therapist and wrist binders can be used to reduce the pressure of the palm of the hand. --Acupuncture and Chiropractic Care have been found to be beneficial in case of some patients.Yoga can also help to reduce the pain in hand and also helps in improving grip.